Our Story

Purpose-driven wellness brand specializing in eco-friendly, all-natural bath and body products that inspire everyday feel good moments.

Launched in December 2020, by the Austin husband and wife team, the brand was established to create beautiful, high quality, effective, plant-based products that make people feel good and do no harm to animals and the environment. 

We are driven to share our passion for clean, plant-based products, beautiful design, everyday nourishing self-moments, and our love of animals, nature, and the planet in a way that inspires others to do the same.  

We know first hand the power of a moment, and the shift it can create in our lives to allow even the smallest everyday moments to become routine. One that makes us feel good and gives us the opportunity to pause, breathe and recharge. Something, anything that is just for us. A moment to refill our tanks, before continuing to give to others. A morning walk with the dog. An evening tea. A bath before bed. Whatever it is, we are here to create more of it.

Our mission is to inspire everyday feel good moments.

We are here to build a passionate community invested in self-growth, awareness, self-care, and kindness. We are here to take small steps to build a happier and healthier planet and humanity. Though it may start in the bath or at home now, our sights are set on making an impact large and small in everything we do. We are here to grow and to share. To feel good and to help you do the same.